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Whether you are starting the journey to improved health and safety and / or environment performance in your organisation or, you have established systems, Knox OHS Solutions can provide an audit solution to assist your organisation. 
Our team have experience in health and safety, environment and quality management systems. We can review your system/s to assess their structure, strengths and opportunities. We provide you with a plan to address the identified opportunities and can support you with addressing any identified areas of improvement. 
Our auditors are Exemplar Global (RABQSA) qualified and our clients have gained from their extensive experience working in senior roles within some of Australia’s leading organisations as well as their extensive industry experience. 
Our audit services include, but are not limited to:
Gap Analysis Audit
We undertake this audit to understand the current state of your system and identify gaps in your management system. The gap analysis may be undertaken against a specific Australian and International Standard, legal requirements or your organisations internal criteria e.g. corporate standards.
Australian and International Standards Audit
Australian and international standards are specifications which establish a framework and criteria for enabling independent audits and reviews of your organisations management system/s.
Our auditors are experienced in undertaking audits to health and safety, environment and quality standards across a range of industry sectors including manufacturing, utilities, logistics and government. 
  • AS/NZS 4801 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System
  • OHSAS 18001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System
  • ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System
  • ISO9001 – Quality Management System
Knox OHS Solutions also have expertise in conducting audits of integrated management systems if you have implemented these systems.
Whether your system is certified or not, we can provide an independent professional audit of your management systems and provide recommendations which are practical and consistent with the nature of your business.  Our auditors have worked in tactical and strategic roles within industry and have a first hand understanding of the need for practicality, simplicity and credibility in the management system and its implementation. 
Our experience is that management systems are only as effective as the people who use them. Knox OHS Solutions can assist you with training and coaching your internal teams in the requirements of your management system. 
National Audit Tool (NAT) Audit for Self-Insured Organisations
NAT is an audit tool used by Regulators to assess WHS management systems for organisations that are self insured for workers compensation, or may be applying for self insurance (e.g. WorkCover NSW, WorkSafe VIC, Comcare etc).
NAT is based on AS/NZS 4801 and is an audit guideline which specifies the criteria the Regulator will use to assess the organisation.
Knox OHS Solutions has experience with government and private sector organisations that are self insured. We can assist self insured organisations with preparing for Self Insurance audits by conducting an audit of the adequacy of the WHS management system documentation and an audit of the operational practices and how they comply with the WHS management system documentation.
Legal Compliance Audits
A legal compliance audit is an assessment of your organisations compliance with WHS or environment obligations. Legal compliance audits may be conducted across all WHS or environment obligations or could focus on specific obligations within the legal framework.
Knox OHS Solutions has conducted legal compliance audits for Government Business Enterprise (GBE) and private sector companies. Triggers for legal compliance audits have included requests from a Board of Directors following acquisition of a business and others to review legal compliance following changes to legislation.
Due Diligence Audits
Due diligence audits are conducted to gain an understanding of how an organisation for sale, manages its health and safety and environment system, risk and responsibilities. 
The due diligence audit includes an understanding of the organisations health and safety and environment history, including any matters which may have involved the Regulator.
In the case of due diligence audits, Knox OHS Solutions has worked with legal teams to provide findings from the audit and recommendations. 
Where Knox OHS Solutions has identified improvements to the health and safety and / or environment management system, our team is capable of working with you to implement the required actions.
Health and Safety Compliance Check (HSCC)
The HSCC has been developed by Knox OHS Solutions and is designed for small business. The HSCC addresses the core requirements of the WHS legislation and provides you with a report and solutions to address any identified opportunities. Read more about our Health and Safety Compliance Check.
Contact Knox OHS Solutions on 1300 913 326 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and our professional consultants will discuss your needs and how we can assist you in achieving compliance to WHS, environment and quality systems.

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